Shops to Rent in Liverpool

Liverpool Lets offer a range of retail shops and trade counters to rent at some of Liverpool's most popular business parks and industrial estates. From the well established sites at 66 Long Lane and Nelsons Business Park to the multi-purpose Champions Business Park, you'll find the perfect premises to meet your business needs.

Many of our retail premises are located close to warehouses and industrial units, making them ideal for manufacturing, storing and selling your products in one convenient location.

shops to rent in Liverpool

If your business is currently looking for retail units or shops to rent,  Liverpool must surely be near the top of your list. With half a million  people living in the city, and almost two and a half million in the broader metropolitan area (the fifth-largest in the UK), that’s a huge  number of potential customers right on your doorstep.

A city for the future

Ever since it was voted the European City of Culture back in 2008,  investment in Liverpool has grown at an extraordinary rate with new  shopping complexes springing up, the older buildings receiving much needed renovation, parking access being extended, improvements being  made to its road and rail infrastructure, and its famous dockside  becoming a major cultural centre for the city, with museums, restaurants, and art galleries lining the waterfront.

These developments have seen a surge of tourism to the city, already a  popular destination thanks to its 800-year history, its impressive  architecture, and its cultural significance as the birthplace of The Beatles. This increase in tourism has brought in a lot of outside money  and encouraged the creation and expansion of many successful businesses  in the city centre and larger Merseyside area. Surrounding towns, as  well as Liverpool itself, have demonstrated a marked increase in foot  traffic and high street sales thanks to the blossoming population and  the influx of tourists both from the UK and overseas.

Making the most out of Liverpool

Here at Liverpool Lets, we have a number of retails units and shops to  rent in the Liverpool area. These properties are highly sought-after and  rarely stay on our books for long. As any new enterprise or expanding  franchise will tell you, having solid retail premises in a cosmopolitan  city centre like Liverpool offers a tremendous opportunity for growth.

What Liverpool Lets can do for you

With years of experience in the commercial property sector, we  understand what your business needs to succeed in a competitive retail  environment. With a thriving city like Liverpool, there are numerous retail premises opportunities for you to take advantage of. Our  experienced and highly-trained property consultants will meet with you  to determine what you want from your shop or retail unit, and endeavour  to find one among our extensive portfolio of shops to rent in Liverpool  that will not only meet your current needs in terms of location, size,  facilities, and budget, but will also offer the chance for further  growth.

A proven track record

At Liverpool Lets we have helped a whole host of satisfied customers  within the retail industry establish themselves in this vibrant city  from fashion to food, from crafts to computers, from mobile phones to memorabilia. Whether you are a new start-up or a well-known brand  looking to expand your interests, we are here to help make the process  as simple as possible.

Get in touch

Any retail company would benefit from shops to rent in Liverpool, so get  in touch with Liverpool Lets today, and let us find you the perfect  premises for the next step in your business journey.