Could your office benefit from hotdesking?

May 04, 2018


The idea of workers sitting at nominated desks, sharing the same office, in the same building, and with the same teammates every day is a vision of the workplace that is swiftly becoming outdated.

As the technology that allows us to remain in constant and immediate contact with our colleagues continues to improve year-on-year, it is no longer necessary for staff to remain in set positions. Companies both large and small are using the hot-desking model to provide their employees with a more agile work environment.

Agile working

Thanks to advances in remote access, your staff are able to do their job whether they are elsewhere in the building, operating in the field, or even working from home. It is this kind of flexibility that allows a business to grow beyond the immediate bounds of their workplace. Let’s say you’re looking for a bigger office space to rent in Liverpool, in the meantime, you can make the most of hot-desking (incorporating a rotating pattern of work shifts, telecommuting, and remote working) to ease the strain on your current resources.

Neat and tidy

Hot-desking also eliminates an over-abundance of clutter building up on employees’ desks. With personal items limited to those that can be easily stored overnight in a locker or drawer, your office will be cleaner, more presentable, and look more professional.

A chance to mingle

It’s a sad fact that we rarely mix with people outside our own team in the workplace. Hot-desking gives staff the chance to work alongside colleagues outside their immediate department, giving the whole business the very real feeling that they are all part of the same team.

A choice of environment

Another benefit of hot-desking is that staff can tailor their work experience to maximise productivity. Whether they prefer the hustle and bustle of a busy room or the solitude of a quieter area, hot-desking allows them to make the most of their working hours.

Whichever working model you choose for your employees, Liverpool Lets has a range of office spaces to rent in Liverpool. View our website to discover our properties or call 0845 872 6334 for the latest availability.