Commercial Property to Rent in Liverpool

As the foremost agent of commercial properties to rent in Liverpool, we know how good this city is for business. Whether you’re looking for a shop, a call centre, a workshop, or a warehouse, we can find just the sort of premises that your business will need to thrive in today’s busy marketplace. From office units and industrial units to business parks and self-storage, we know that there is a commercial property somewhere in Liverpool or the beautiful suburban areas of Merseyside that surround it, that will be absolutely perfect. Whether you put a premium on foot traffic, ease of access, amenities, or any one of a dozen other reasons, we’ll find somewhere that matches, and then exceeds, your requirements.

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Commercial property to rent in Liverpool

Are you looking for commercial property to rent in Liverpool? If not, then you really should be.

Liverpool is one of the most important commercial centres in the UK. Situated on the Mersey Estuary in the north-west of England, Liverpool is at the very heart of the county of Merseyside. With over two million residents living in the city and the surrounding metropolitan area, it is a busy and bustling town, teeming with life. Thoroughly cosmopolitan, Liverpool is called home by people from all walks of life, and of every colour, race, religion and creed. Liverpool is a friendly city, one with an important historical and social significance across the United Kingdom.

It is also a financial, industrial, and commercial powerhouse. Take a stroll along the riverfront in Liverpool and see the magnificent listed buildings that hold court along the front. Majestic, and imposing, these buildings were designed and created for the wealthy industrialists who made Liverpool the city that it is. They were built for banks, exchanges, and financial institutions, such was the appeal of the city at the turn of the century.

Today, its monuments to commerce come in the shape of vast industrial and business parks, dotted about the city and its immediate surroundings. Here, the commercial legacy of the city continues to grow and innovate with new firms setting up every week in the heart of the city and the greater metropolitan area of Merseyside.

So why Liverpool? Certainly, its name and its reputation precede it, since Liverpool is almost a brand name in its own right. On a more practical level, the city is at the centre of a vast transport network, with reliable links to Liverpool by sea, air, rail, and road. With daily flights in and out of John Lennon Airport, one of the country’s oldest working docks, a high-speed rail connection to London (a mere two hours from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston), and major motorways leading into the city, your business will be connected to both your suppliers and your customers in a way unmatched by any other city.

Isn’t it about time your company took advantage of the many benefits that Liverpool has to offer? Contact Liverpool Lets today, whether you’re looking for storage space or a retail outlet, and speak to a member of our personable and professional team, who will be able to come up with the perfect commercial property solution for you and your business.