The Advantages of Renting Commercial Property

April 06, 2018


Buying your own business premises might feel like part of the dream, but in today’s economic climate such a commitment is rarely feasible for many companies and it is, perhaps, more sensible to consider if renting your business property might be the better option.

As experts in finding commercial property for rent in Liverpool, we have come up with the following four reasons why this is the case.


By not being locked into a purchase property, your business is afforded  greater flexibility. If you have a record-breaking year and feel ready  to expand, it’s the easiest thing in the world to upgrade your office  space and move into a new rental property.

Free your capital

Upfront costs are relatively low for leasing commercial premises, often  little more than a refundable deposit and a premium for lease purchase.  This frees your start-up capital, allowing you to funnel it into more  essential areas of your business.


Owning your own business property can be great – unless there’s a sudden  drop in the property market, leaving you with a severe hole in your  available capital. Renting insures you against this, and also against  incurring Capital Gains Tax on your rented premises.

Less responsibility

When you buy your business premises, you are responsible for everything –  maintenance, cleaning, security… right down to restocking the vending  machine. With a rented property, depending on the terms of the lease,  the leasing company or the landlord will be responsible for many of the  auxiliary concerns that come with having your own commercial building,  in return for a service charge included in your rental agreement.

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