Renting an Industrial Space as a Trade Counter

April 02, 2019


At Liverpool Lets we have a wide range of properties available from offices, commercial properties and more. Perhaps the most versatile of these are the spaces to rent based in our industrial estates.

Industrial  estates are becoming more and more popular. As transport routes improve, they can be easier to travel to than a traditional city centre property. They also offer more space to give renters greater flexibility in what they can do with the area. 

One such use is as a trade counter. A trade counter is a great way to launch a low-cost shop, where you can sell to trade, without the overheads that come with a shop. Aside from rent, you do not need to invest much in the look of the unit, as long as it displays your goods and is clean and safe, it's fine. This type of retail unit tends to be focused around a counter, reducing the number of staff required. 

The large, open plan space that an industrial property provides gives plenty of freedom in how best to set up the shop to serve your customers  and allows you to showcase your goods and design a flexible layout. You may want to have the counter right at the front, so customers can  approach right away, or you may prefer to guide them through aisles so that they can see the different products. Depending on your industry,  your customers may benefit from a demonstration display or a seating and  refreshment area. With the extra space, you can be as creative as you  like.

It's important to choose the right  industrial estate for your trade counter, as a discerning business owner will want to rent near to suppliers in a similar industry, so you can benefit from their visitors. Similarly, since industrial estates see less footfall, clear signage is recommended to attract passing visitors,  whether it's outside the unit or visible from the roads. 

Do you think renting an industrial space as a trade counter could be  right for you? Take a look at some of our popular industrial estates such as 66 Long Lane and the Barclays Business Park. If you would like to talk about your options with an expert, give us a call on 0845 872 6334.