Maximising Working Space in a Small Office

June 06, 2018


As your business expands, the thrill of success is often tempered by the practical considerations of fitting your new staff into your existing office space. Here are some quick tips for maximising the space available in a small office.

Open offices

Having fewer internal walls and separate offices means that there is more floor space to fit a greater number of desks, chairs, and employees. Open-plan offices also foster a greater sense of teamwork amongst staff, as they are literally all working together, as part of the same team.

Flexible working zones

Every office has one room that always seems empty – a conference room, a breakout area, or even a reception. With the popularity of laptops and hot-desking, you should encourage your employees to make use of these vacant areas.

Using vertical space

The wonders of vertical storage are rarely taken advantage of. Papers and files can be stored in pouches and racks that climb the walls, rather than in space-consuming filing cabinets; shelving units can replace cumbersome storage cupboards. The sky is literally the limit.

Space-saving office furniture

With most workers operating from laptops and most business heading for a paperless office model, large desks are really an extravagance. Smaller desks are equally effective and take up a fraction of the space.

Renting storage space

A good temporary solution, while you seek alternative accommodation, is to move some files and equipment into storage. At Liverpool Lets, we have a range of self-storage solutions which can tide you over until your big move.

Why not visit the Liverpool Lets website, where you can use our office size guide to quickly figure out what size of office would best suit your team.

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