A Guide to Working in Liverpool

January 15, 2019


Whether you’re looking to set up a new company, expand your existing business, or relocate to a new area of operations, there are few places better suited to commercial enterprises than the historic city of Liverpool. Liverpool Lets have a great range of business units, office space, industrial workshops and more to rent in Liverpool and have plenty of information on what it's like to work in the region.

Located on  the River Mersey, the city offers fantastic transport links by road,  rail, sea, and air to most major cities across the country, so you can  always be at the heart of any business partnership. The local transport  infrastructure is also commendable, which is a massive advantage when  recruiting staff from among local residents, as they are able to gauge  their commute accordingly. Shorter commutes have been linked with  greater wellbeing, reduced stress and better overall health, so this is a  big plus.

The city itself has much to offer any business due to  its fast growing economy. Despite its population and economic  importance, it is a small city and one easily navigable by foot,  resulting in plenty of potential clients in the form of passing trade.  As the city has grown in influence, many business parks have erupted on  the outskirts of the city itself.

These include Long Lane Business Park and Barclay Business Park, both located in Aintree and both with commercial property to rent direct from Liverpool Lets.

Both  these business parks and others like them provide all the essentials  for new businesses operating in Liverpool. From start-up enterprises to  well-established companies, there are a range of office and industrial  units available to choose from. All properties to let in these business  parks come with 24-hour security, and CCTV surveillance as standard, so  security need not be an additional concern.

Rents in Liverpool  are significantly lower than the city and more southern parts of the UK,  which is a positive for business owners. This also benefits employees  as domestic rents and house prices will be lower too. This reflects the  overall lower costs of living in the north.

If you’re considering setting up or moving your business and are looking for units for rent in Liverpool,  then get in touch with Liverpool Lets today. We have an extensive range  of commercial property to rent in the city itself, as well as in the  surrounding area. Simply email us on info@liverpoollets.co.uk or call us on 0845 872 6334 to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange a viewing of any suitable properties.