5 Reasons to Relocate Your Business to Liverpool

December 04, 2018


Liverpool is well known for its cultural heritage, but in recent years it has emerged as a real powerhouse of the North with plenty of growth opportunities. For businesses looking for space to relocate, there are lots of commercial properties to rent available and there are a host of reasons that Liverpool would be a great location. Browse the Liverpool Lets Website to find great business units to let and read on to find out how your company could benefit from moving to Merseyside.

Business Premises and Prices

Compared  to London and the South, the cheaper property and land costs in  Liverpool will be a pleasant surprise. Companies will be impressed with  the affordable range of properties available as well as the extra  benefits and features such as free wifi or gym access. There is much  more choice with space within the centre as well as several prominent  business parks that can cater for industrial units, workshops and office  premises.  Money can be saved on rent with the same level of resource  available, or even better. 

Talent Pool

Recruitment  continues to be a huge difficulty for growing companies. Finding and  retaining skilled workers remains a priority for most firms. In  Liverpool recruitment is facilitated by the four universities in the  area, creating a rich graduate recruitment pool. Liverpool also has an Apprenticeship Hub  which is committed to helping apprenticeships work for businesses and  individuals. This allows recruitment strategies to be diversified and  all sorts of different roles can be catered for. 

Funding  Opportunities

The  region is keen to encourage business, particularly smaller firms and  start ups, and in fact is the home of the International Business  Festival. In addition Liverpool is already well known as a centre for  science and biotech startups, and has established a Business and  Intellectual Property centre to help provide support and advice to new  and growing businesses. There are also plenty of grants and funding  available so if you are a small company it could be a great place to  start or improve your growth. Don’t forget that salaries are lower in  Liverpool so new hires won’t stretch your budget.


Housing  in Liverpool is much cheaper than in other parts of the country. The  average house price in the UK is almost £250,000, however for a property  in Liverpool you would only need to set aside about  £170,000. For  firms with an existing workforce to consider, this may be an important  factor when suggesting a relocation. Additionally Liverpool has a  well-developed transport system so employees are not limited to finding a  very close property and can use public transport for their commute from  other regions. 

Culture & Lifestyle

The  cultural background of Liverpool is well known but it continues to grow  and develop. The population are culturally diverse and this gives birth  to a lot of creativity in the city. There are plenty of museums and art  galleries, many of which are free to visit and have busy activity  schedules, especially on weekends and holidays. Liverpool’s shopping  centre, Liverpool ONE has a host of boutiques in addition to well-known  brands, and is popular with tourists to the area. The city also has a  vibrant nightlife with a variety of bars and restaurants to suit all  tastes. 

If you’re considering relocating your business to  Liverpool, it’s definitely worth looking into what this region could  offer you and your company. Visit the Liverpool Lets Website to see the available properties for rent or call us on 0845 872 6334 to discuss your needs.